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Postgraduate study

At Toi Rauwhārangi College of Creative Arts we provide a thriving, well-resourced and inspiring environment that fosters advanced independent and interdisciplinary research.

Our research explores the intersection of the creative arts and humanity, and our researchers are world class in their fields. 

We excel across many disciplines and have the highest number of top-ranked researchers in design, visual art and craft in New Zealand. 

Our researchers work with industry, professional groups, government and the cultural sector in New Zealand and internationally, offering a rich context and transformative experience for our postgraduate students.

Master of Design

Master of Fine Arts


The application process for the Master of Design and the Master of Fine Arts is almost identical, except that for the Master of Design you'll submit a research proposal, and for the Master of Fine Arts you'll submit an expression of interest. 

Step 1—apply online

Apply online. If you're new to Massey, you'll receive a student ID number. If you're a returning student, use your existing student ID.

You'll be asked to submit a few documents with your application.

  • Verified copies of your previous degree transcripts, unless they were completed at Massey University. 
  • Verified proof of ID and residency status.
  • A written reference from someone qualified to discuss your potential as a postgraduate student, unless you're a graduate of the Massey University College of Creative Arts.


Both the Master of Design and the Master of Fine Arts require you to submit a portfolio showing your creative work.

This should be a concise selection of your previous and current work. Include work that clearly shows the development of ideas and their context.

Provide files in TIFF or JPEG format.

Submit your portfolio with your application online. If you can't send them at this time, you can email a Dropbox or other file transfer link to

If you can't send your portfolio online, you can provide images on a USB stick directly to College of Creative Arts, Wellington campus—but give us a heads up first via email to Don't send us original artwork as we can't return it to you.

Master of Design research proposal

Include a research proposal of up to three pages that introduces your past and present creative work, and outlines your potential MDes project. Include:

  • the preliminary research question
  • the context of the design issue
  • possible industry links
  • a schedule for how the project could develop over a year
  • how you will fund your study
  • a list of specialist equipment, software or facilities needed
  • a preliminary bibliography of central texts and design works.

Master of Fine Arts expression of interest

Include a 1–2 page written expression of interest that introduces your past and present creative work, and indicates what you wish to explore through your MFA.

It may include references to key texts and/or artworks that provide context for your own work. It should also include an indication of any specialist equipment, software or facilities needed.

Step 2—interview

Once we've received your full application we'll invite you to interview. Interviews last 20 minutes and can take place on campus or via Skype or phone.

The interview panel will be made up of two or three members of the postgraduate faculty. They'll ask you to discuss the work you submitted with your application, and the preliminary research you outlined in your proposal.

You'll have the opportunity to ask the panel questions about the Masters programme you've applied for, and about studying at the College of Creative Arts.

You're welcome to bring a support person to the interview.

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Our candidates for PhD are expected to produce a sustained piece of advanced research work in design, fine arts, visual and material culture or across disciplinary areas.

The doctoral thesis may either involve creative practice work with a substantial piece of academic writing (approx. 30,000 words), or a wholly written dissertation (80,000-100,000 words). The PhD requires a contribution to new knowledge throughout creative and written outputs.

We are currently only considering full-time applications, and prefer candidates to have completed a MFA or its equivalent (MA).

Further information on requirements for PhD study

How to apply for PhD study

You are welcome to send a short proposal in relation to your research project interests and the way you anticipate your research project developing, along with your CV and a summary of your qualifications. Depending on the kind of creative PhD you are interested in, also include a portfolio of current art or design work (practice) and/or a short survey of literature (written).

Send your preliminary proposal to

Graduate Research School

Massey’s Graduate Research School is responsible for the administration of doctoral scholarships and degrees. 

International applications

To be considered for admission at Massey University you must complete and return an Application for Admission as an International Student form and provide the necessary supporting documents to the International Office.

Turn your talents into a lifelong creative career.

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