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Undergraduate applications

Enrolling at Massey University is a two-step process.

Step 1

Apply online to study at Massey University. You'll receive a student ID number. We'll let you know by email when your application is complete.

Some programmes have different application due dates, so make sure you check what date your programme closes.

Selected entry programmes may ask for a portfolio or interview as part of the application process.

Application checklist
Apply online
All application due dates


Step 2

Enrol in your courses. Course enrolment opens from 1 October. We'll email you how and when to enrol in your courses once you've been accepted to study at the University.

2024 Creative Arts Undergraduate Course Guide (PDF, 5.4 MB)

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Open entry

Open entry means all you need to do is get University Entrance and apply online.

Bachelor of Screen Arts with Honours

The Bachelor of Screen Arts with Honours is open entry, so it doesn't have any extra entry requirements.

Bachelor of Commercial Music

Music Technology and Music Industry

These majors are open entry. From July–December we hold consultations to help make sure it's the right programme for you. These are optional.

Music Practice

For Music Practice you need to attend an audition as part of the application process.

Bachelor of Commercial Music auditions and consultations

Selected entry

Selected entry means there are extra steps you need to take to meet the entry requirements.

There are three main ways to apply for our selected entry degrees.

Automatic entry

Bachelor of Design with Honours
Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours

If you are still at secondary school, or left secondary school with NCEA, and have achieved NCEA level 2 or level 3 with Merit or Excellence overall and a Merit or Excellence endorsement in an approved art, design or technology subject, you have automatic entry, and will not need to submit a portfolio.

This also applies to students achieving Cambridge International AS grade A or B in an approved art, design or technology subject.

When you apply online and are asked to upload a portfolio, you should either upload a copy of your NCEA results, or upload a note that says "I qualify for automatic entry"—we'll verify it with NZQA.


Portfolio pre-approval entry

Bachelor of Design with Honours
Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours
Bachelor of Māori Visual Arts

You can show 'work in progress' to a Massey College of Creative Arts staff member during their visit to your school, at a Massey Open Day, or at other events throughout the year.

They'll look at examples of your work with you, and if it shows the creative potential we're looking for, they'll sign a portfolio pre-approval letter. You can then upload that letter with your online application and you won't have to submit a final portfolio.

Portfolio pre-approval


Portfolio entry

Bachelor of Design with Honours
Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours
Bachelor of Māori Visual Arts

When you apply online you'll be asked to upload a portfolio of creative work showing your creative potential.

Portfolio requirements


Alternative entry

We also welcome applications from people who don't have a standard secondary school art or design background, people who haven't had the opportunity to take NCEA subjects in art and design, and people who, for good reason, haven't had the opportunity to complete a portfolio by the due date. 

Contact us at to discuss alternate ways of demonstrating your desire and potential in these subject areas.

Turn your talents into a lifelong creative career.

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