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On the set of Return to Fable Grove.

Shooting INHABIT in the field.

What can I study?

Animation and VFX

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Create imaginary worlds that transport us into the unknown.

Gain skills that will help you create fantastic characters and scenes using traditional techniques and advanced technology.

Study character design, 3D modelling, texturing and rigging, storyboarding, compositing, particle generation and dynamics.

Work with 20-camera motion capture and a green screen stage.

Collaborate on projects with film and television students.

You can also study animation and VFX in the Bachelor of Design with Honours.

Courtney Gilbert.

Courtney Gilbert.

Courtney Gilbert

Graduated 2018

In the final year of her degree Courtney Gilbert pitched to TVNZ for the commission of her 3D animated episodic series, ‘Kiwis Can Fly’.

Courtney directed and produced this project, while supervising a highly skilled team of peers and managing the client liaison. The ‘Kiwis Can Fly’ team completed four episodes and a mixed reality game accompaniment using Microsoft HoloLens technology.

‘Kiwis Can Fly’ will take flight to the international market in 2019 after Courtney won the top prize at the 2018 SPADA Competition.

'Kiwis Can Fly' team: Courtney Gilbert, Tom Zhang, Kyle Phan, Andrew Peek, Caillan McCrostie, Joshua Tong.

Watch 'Kiwis Can Fly' on TVNZ's kids' TV platform, HEIHEI

Screen from Kiwis Can Fly.

Kiwis Can Fly. Courtney Gilbert, Tom Zhang, Kyle Phan, Andrew Peek, Caillan McCrostie, Joshua Tong.

Kiwis Can Fly poster with CG kiwi and takahe

Kiwis Can Fly poster. Courtney Gilbert, Tom Zhang, Kyle Phan, Andrew Peek, Caillan McCrostie, Joshua Tong.

Creative Technologies

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Be a pioneering maker and thinker. Forge fresh and engaging ways to connect people and digital content.

Study app development, MR/VR/AR experiences and full-stack web development.

Extend the digital into the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) sector with installations, interactive booths and other location-based experiences.

Learn coding, hacking and hardware design, including using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and custom circuits.

If you're interested in web design, you could also look at the Bachelor of Design with Honours.

Nursyafiqah Binti Jamap (Eqa)


An international student from Malaysia in her first year of CMP, Eqa’s prototyping project exceeded the expectations of the experimental game controller brief by building the electronic table game Basket Madness.

Her project evolved into a self-standing arcade game, fitted with a sensor and a microcontroller to connect to a laptop for score keeping, timing and sound effects. Eqa rigorously went through an iterative design process, starting with a simple paper prototype and user testing at each stage of her design.

Basket Madness won the inaugural “Prototyping Pineapple Award” as the most popular project among this student cohort.

Nursyafiqah Binti Jamap (Eqa)

Film and Television

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Tell compelling stories for short film, TV and documentary.

Develop story and concept development techniques, camera operation, production design, lighting, sound and post-production skills.

Use cinema-quality equipment, pipelines and tools.

You'll work in groups to practice skills across all roles in film and TV.

Learn from industry professionals who have worked at Weta Digital, Park Road Post, TVNZ and the BBC.

Francesca Sewell

Graduated 2018

Francesca's major project Raspberry and Coke is a short kiwi drama, a melancholic slice of New Zealand life which she co-wrote, directed and edited, alongside fellow BCMP student Alice Toomer.

Raspberry and Coke has recently been featured in the official selection of four international film festivals and has won awards at the California International Short Film Festival and the Independent Shorts Awards.

Mentored by US/NZ writer, director and producer Casey Zilbert (Ash vs Evil; Hangtime; Born to Dance), Raspberry and Coke and its success has been an amazing springboard project for Francesca and her team.

Raspberry and Coke poster with awards.

Raspberry and Coke.

Game Development

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Push the boundaries and create the next generation of desktop, mobile, console and VR games.

Study video game design, asset creation, and programming to gain the skills to design, implement and test your own game creations. You don't need any programming experience.

Design for retro, indie, alternative and blockbuster game styles.

Develop for MR/VR/AR hardware and alternative user-input devices.

If you're interested in game design, you could also look at the Bachelor of Design with Honours.

Dylan Richardson

Graduated 2017

Dylan started out studying graphic design, but a passion for gaming saw him switch to a Bachelor of Creative Media Production. During the course he developed new skills and explored ways to use virtual reality and motion capture.

His major project was the complete two-player cooperative game ‘Mara and Blu’. He currently works at Wellington game studio PikPok as a junior game designer.

Mara and Blu team: Dylan Richardson, Samantha Andrews, Kristopher Sutherland, Nic MacIntyre, Lloyd Powell, Jasper Aitken-Lean, Jasmine Hodge, Broghan Woods, Joshua Tong, Olivia Simpson, Kyle Phan, Jeremy Millar, Elliot Scrimshaw, Tom Zhang, Susie Legg, Nick Cook, Kat Lanigan, Jerome Caballes, Issie Loseby, Julia Babbage, Michael Sutherland.

Mara and Blu load screen

Mara and Blu. Dylan Richardson, Samantha Andrews, Kristopher Sutherland, Nic MacIntyre, Lloyd Powell, Jasper Aitken-Lean, Jasmine Hodge, Broghan Woods, Joshua Tong, Olivia Simpson, Kyle Phan, Jeremy Millar, Elliot Scrimshaw, Tom Zhang, Susie Legg, Nick Cook, Kat Lanigan, Jerome Caballes, Issie Loseby, Julia Babbage, Michael Sutherland.

Producing and Directing

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Behind every great creation are people who can provide creative leadership, vision and voice. Be that person.

Study how to lead and manage a media project from start to finish, including ideation, pitching, pre-production, scheduling, budgeting and distribution.

Work as the creative lead across all CMP disciplines, develop intellectual property and manage external clients.

Learn from case studies and apply your skills to hands-on practical projects, including the two-semester Year 3 major project.

Meet with and work alongside external mentors from across the industry.

Wiktoria Ojrzyńska

Graduated 2018

“When I was presented with an opportunity to work with an external client to create meaningful content for an international audience, I knew it was a chance to bring awareness to the issue of climate change.

“Directing Subject to Change was an amazing storytelling experience, during which I worked with many inspirational people and gained experience across different aspects of filmmaking.

“Exploring the impacts that climate change is having on our world, Subject to Change is a documentary film that presents a collection of interviews and personal stories from across the Pacific.

“With passion and determination, we have created a film that shares insight to New Zealand’s response to the global objectives set by the Paris Agreement alongside intimate stories from the frontline, Batiki Island, in a truthful and evocative way.”

Subject to Change has been shown at major exhibitions in Poland, London and Paris.

Subject to Change team: Wiktoria Ojrzyńska, James Bruce, Nicholas Cook, Alexandra Brock, Amiria Ranfurly, Tasman Roy.

Wiktoria Ojrzyńska

Wiktoria Ojrzyńska on location in Fiji.

Immersive Media

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Virtual and Augmented Realities (VR and AR) allow new ways for us to blend the physical and digital worlds, creating uncharted possibilities for the future.

Study at the frontier of immersive media development. Gain skills working with industry-standard software, VR/AR, and capture hardware, to develop and produce a range of immersion-based projects. Blend digital technology with real-world experiences. You don't need to have used or worked with these tools before - just bring your eagerness to explore the tools and applications of this exciting new area of practice.

Thomas Williams


Thomas Williams has used a multitude of immersive and emerging technologies to enhance his practice. Technologies such as photogrammetry, motion capture and 360 HDRi imagery have aided him in the development of virtual production workflows for film and VFX. In a recent short film production, lighting assets created with photogrammetry and 360 HDRi images allowed Thomas to insert objects into any shot with accurate lighting. These tools provide ways to speed up existing production processes and open the door to new possibilities.

Student in the MOCAP studio

In the MOCAP studio

What degree?

  • Bachelor of Creative Media Production (Honours)—BCMP(Hons)

    Level-up your creative practice.

    Ideal if
    • You achieved highly in the Bachelor of Creative Media Production.
    • You want to refine your creative production skills and become an advanced practitioner.
    • You have a project you want to work on with the support of our facilities and expertise.
    • You want to support your creative practice with research.
    • You are interested in a Master's or PhD down the track.
    Key information
    One year full-time study.

    You'll need to have achieved at least a B average in the Bachelor of Creative Media Production or an equivalent degree.

    Due 13 January.
    Find out more
    Student N Cook filming on location in the Pacific
  • Master of Creative Enterprise—MCE

    Take your creativity to the market.

    Ideal if
    • You have a creative industry idea you want to commercialise.
    • You want to learn skills for a sustainable creative career.
    • You've just finished an Honours degree or you're coming to university from the workplace.
    Key information
    18 months full time, or longer if studied part time.

    Selected entry—you'll need to submit a portfolio of your creative work, and a written expression of interest. Attend a consultation with the MCE coordinator to discuss your project before you apply.

    Find out more about entry to the MCE.

    Due by 30 November.
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  • Doctor of Philosophy—PhD

    Become the absolute top in your field by pursuing rigorous research, and pushing and challenging current knowledge. Contribute significantly to the understanding of a field of interest.

    Ideal if
    • You want to produce a sustained piece of advanced research work in a creative arts discipline. This could be a written thesis, or one comprised of creative practice research and a written component.
    • You have completed a postgraduate Bachelor (Honours) degree with first class or second class (division 1) honours, or a Master degree with first class or second class (division 1) honours in a relevant field. This qualification must also include a substantive (minimum 30 credits) research project, dissertation or thesis in which you have achieved a minimum grade of B+.
    Key information
    Three to four years full time, or six years part time.
    Auckland, Wellington, Manawatū, or by distance within New Zealand.
    February or July.
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