Portfolio requirements

  • Bachelor of Design (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Māori Visual Arts


A portfolio is a selection of your creative work that demonstrates your creative potential. It can include examples from school or your own personal projects at home or in the community. See below for examples of work to include.


Your portfolio can be supplied to us in either:

(i) digital form through online upload (our preferred method). Typically a digital portfolio is saved as an A4 PDF and can range from 12 -24 pages. Please ensure PDFs are no larger than 5MB. If you have your portfolio in a GoogleDoc or other online platform please send us the live link in a PDF. When you apply online for selected entry programmes you will be asked to upload a portfolio/PDF at the same time.

upload a portfolio

(ii) printed form through the post (using an A4 clear file folder with 12-24 pages) and post it to us (see addresses on next page). Please note this option may extend the assessment period. Please be sure to label all your work with your name. While the university has a well-established tracking process for all portfolios received, it does not accept liability for loss of, or damage to portfolios that are sent through the post. Please do not include original works. Colour photocopies are preferred.

Physical portfolio


The work in your portfolio should tell us something about you and how you...

  • generate, explore and develop creative ideas
  • experiment with different media, materials, techniques and technologies, and
  • use these methods to transform your ideas into creative works
  • think in innovative and contrasting ways
  • show originality and inventiveness


  • Drawings
  • Sketches
  • Paintings
  • Photographs
  • Prototypes
  • Mock-ups / 3D models
  • Performance art
  • Graphic design
  • Sculpture or installations
  • Fashion / sewing / patterns / textiles
  • Developmental work, such as copies of workbook pages or journals
  • Digital or conventional photographic contact sheets
  • Screen captures in the case of digital work
  • Links to work on digital platforms like Flickr or Tumblr


  1. It’s good to provide notes about the ideas behind your work and how these ideas were translated into their final form.
  2. Please do not include items such as art history assignments or testimonials in your application.
  3. If you are providing links to your work that is online, please include live links within your PDF.


You can enquire about Portfolio Pre-Approval or apply with your portfolio at any time during the year if you have work ready to show us.

Semester 1 (Start February)

1 October for Design, Fine Arts, Māori Visual Arts, Music (Practice). Late applications may be accepted subject to available spaces.

13 January for Creative Media Production and Commercial Music (Industry and Music Technology).

Semester 2 (Start July)

30 June for Design, Fine Arts and Creative Media Production.

View the portfolio requirements as a downloadable guide (pdf) here.

  • Application process summary

    1. Enrol online.

    2. Check whether you are eligible for automatic entry.

    3. If you are not eligible for automatic entry, submit your portfolio anytime from 1 July. Due date for design, fine arts and Māori visual arts is 1 October. Late applications are being accepted subject to available spaces.

    4. Portfolios will be acknowledged on receipt. While the College has a well-established tracking process for all portfolios received, it does not accept liability for loss of, or damage to, portfolios. Portfolios and their contents must be clearly labeled – please be sure to label every separate piece with your name.

    5. Application results will be emailed by mid-December.

    6. Fine art applicants will be asked to attend an interview, either by Skype or in person.

    7. For those awaiting Year 13 NCEA results, provisional acceptance is subject to gaining admission to the University and cannot be confirmed until results are known. Applicants who are not successful in obtaining admission to university will be contacted in January about alternative programmes.

  • Contact details and portfolio postal addresses


    Phone 0800 MASSEY (0800 627 739) Text 5222 
    Email contact@massey.ac.nz 
    Apply online massey.ac.nz/apply


    Design and Fine Art portfolios
    Student Central Massey University 
    Wellington Campus 
    Entrance A, Wallace Street 
    Wellington 6141

    Māori Visual Art portfolios
    Toioho ki Āpiti Te Pūtahi-a-Toi 
    Massey University
    Private Bag 11 222, 
    Palmerston North 5301