University fees are adjusted annually. All students pay fees at the rates that apply for each current year in which they study.

Provided below guides that can assist you in planning and managing the cost of study. They include an approximate cost per paper for the programmes offered, and an estimated cost per year for full-time study.

These costs don't include additional administration costs and levies (non-tuition fees) that you will be required to pay. They also don't include any charges for incidentals, i.e. study resources, software, trips and contact courses that may also be applicable to your programme. Also, please keep in mind that you need to make separate provision for living costs, such as accommodation, food and recreation, which are not included here.

There are compulsory non-tuition fees payable on enrolment in addition to your tuition fees. Charges for incidentals, i.e. study resources, software, trips and contact courses may also be applicable to your programme.

Different rates apply for New Zealand citizens or permanent residents, and International students. These examples indicate the (GST inclusive) tuition fees for International students for design programmes.

Unless otherwise stated, all fees shown on this page are quoted in New Zealand dollars and include Goods and Services Tax. You should also read the University's Disclaimer Notice before relying on any information on these pages.

  • 2017 programme fees

    Important note: This information is for estimation purposes only. Actual fees payable will be finalised on confirmation of enrolment. Non-tuition fees and other programme related fees may be payable according to your specific programme enrolment circumstances. After your enrolment is confirmed the University will invoice you for the exact fees due. The actual fees you pay are calculated by adding up the tuition fees for each of your approved papers, together with the non-tuition fees (such as admission, examination and enrolment fees) that are relevant to your situation.

      Per 15
    credit paper          

    Full year 
    (1.0 EFTS/
    120 credits)

    Domestic undergraduate fees $812.80 $6,502.20
    International undergraduate fees           $3,736.20 $29,890.00
    Domestic postgraduate fees   $5,906.10 - $8,969.50
    International postgraduate fees   $32,700.00


    For a full list of 2017 fees click here.