Universities are full of acronyms and jargon, Massey is no different. Here’s a few we use at the College of Creative Arts.


CoCA — College of Creative Arts

BDes — Bachelor of Design

BFA — Bachelor of Fine Arts

BCMP — Bachelor of Creative Media Production

BCommMus — Bachelor of Commercial Music

BMVA — Bachelor of Maori Visual Arts

Block Course — A condensed, intensive period of learning in a course. First Year art and design studios, and most CoCA Summer School courses, are delivered in blocks.

CTL — Centre for Teaching and Learning Course A structured programme of work in a particular discipline that is identified by means of a unique code number and delivered through studio classes, clinics, tutorials, workshops, lectures, online and other learning experiences.

Core Course — A compulsory course that must be passed as part of a particular qualification Course Code Each Massey University course has a six-figure code to distinguish its discipline, level and identity. First three digits always tell you what subject it is:

133.xxx = Music
197.xxx = Art and Design
198.xxx = Industrial Design
212.xxx = Fashion Design
213.xxx = Fine Arts
221.xxx = Photography
222.xxx = Visual Communication Design
223.xxx = Textile Design
224.xxx = Spatial Design
237.xxx = Visual and Material Culture
289.xxx = Creative Media Production

The last three digits start with the level of the course. For example: 213.150 Painting, is a Fine Arts course (213) at 100-level (1). 222.215 Brand Communication, is a Visual Communication Design course (222) at 200-level (2).

Brief — Also called an Assignment Brief. This tells you what you have to do for an assessment task.

Block 10 – The Museum Building (Fashion, Textiles, Spatial and Postgraduate)

Block 11 – James Coe Building (Industrial Design)

Block 11 — James Coe Building (Industrial Design and Spatial)

Block 12 — Te Ara Hihiko (Visual Communication Design)

K Block — Across the road off Tasman Street, also known as K Town (Creative Media Production and Music)

Block 1 — Te Whare Pukaka – Staff space



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