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  • Facilities

    Te Ara Hihiko
    Block: 12
    Room: C30

    The Toystore is where students can receive technical support and have equipment issued – e.g. AV, photographic, video, VR during daily scheduled hours.  Booking the Lighting Studio is through the Toystore via their Stream page as is requesting large format posters/prints.  


    Lighting Studio
    Te Ara Hihiko
    Block: 12
    Room: A05

    Industry equivalent photographic/film studio consisting of built in coved backdrop, lighting grid and small camera dolly/crane, lights and accessories required to shoot anything from a small product shot to a short film. This facility is managed in conjunction with the Toystore where bookings, inductions and equipment are requested.


    Print / Type Studio
    Te Ara Hihiko
    Block: 2
    Room: C06

    The Print Studio offers print making and letterpress printing facilities to students enrolled in print making and letterpress classes. It provides equipment to generate artwork and then process it through to finished work. This includes a laser cutter, vinyl cutter, metal and wooden type, cylinder and platen presses, and screen printing equipment. Once students are familiar with the facilities and techniques they can then work on independent projects within a supportive environment.


    3D Workshop
    James Coe Building
    Block: 11
    Room: A02

    The 3D Workshop has a range of specialty areas that enable students to explore materials plus prototyping and manufacturing processes needed for design excellence. These individual spaces include Wood, Plastics, Engineering, Resins/Casting, Welding, Sanding and Spray Booths with a complete range of machinery from the CNC (waterjet cutter, laser cutters, mill, routers) through a comprehensive range of wood and metal working machinery to hand tools.    


    Fab Lab Wgtn
    James Coe Building
    Block: 11
    Room: A12

    The Fab Lab Wgtn is connected to a global network of 1000+ local labs, enabling invention and collaboration through access to digital fabrication toolsin a creative space where people can share and grow ideas. A range of digital fabrication equipment includes a Laser Cutter, CNC Router, Milling machines, 3D printers, vinyl cutters as well as electronics design, fabrication and programming gear.


    Textile Facility
    Old Museum Building,
    Block: 10
    Room: B West

    The technical facilities are incorporated into the Textile Design studios and include related equipment and processes to create new materials and surfaces. Students enrolled in Textile courses have access to equipment including a screen print facility, weaving looms, knit machines, dye laboratory, industrial embroidery machine and felting loom.


    Fashion Facility
    Old Museum Building,
    Block: 10
    Room: C North

    The Fashion Design machinery and equipment is incorporated into several workrooms with students enrolled in Fashion courses the main users. There are 3 main construction workrooms with plain sewers, over lockers and industrial presses plus a range of speciality machinery –including buttonholers, bar tackers, knit and leather machinery. Each workroom has tables for patternmaking and design work. There is a computer lab to teach apparel pattern making CAD software and other spaces for pattern digitising and plotting.


    School of Art Equipment Issue
    Block: 6
    Room: B06

    Available for issue - Digital SLR's, tripods, photographic equipment, sound recorders, video camcorders.
    Equipment issue: Mon to Fri 12 until 12.45
    Bookings essential for equipment-sheets outside 6B06


    Colour managed MAC computer lab
    Block: 6
    Room: B01 / B04 /B11 

    Colour managed laser and inkjet printing (induction needed but taught in Lens first year course, or contact a Technical Demonstrators)


    Film scanners
    Access for students through workshops only please contact a Technician
    Photographic Studios
    Block: 6

    Specialised professional studios, (white cycs, green screen, Elincrom/Bowens/Diva lite) access only by students enrolled in photographic specialisedpapers only. Year 2-4 plus postgrad or access via Photography and the Studio elective.


    Sculpture Workshop and Laser Cutter
    Block: 2
    Room: C02

    Metal and wood workshop, a range of wood and metal working machinery to hand tools plus a spray booth, access via Technical Demonstrator


    Technical Demonstrators
    Block : 6
    Room: B03

    AV, photographic, video, sound, vinyl cutter, software and printing support


    Webb St Studios
    Level 5  Ranchod House 39 Webb St

    Music rehearsal facility, equipment bookings and technical support for Bachelor of Commercial Music papers.



    Equipment hire and technical support for Bachelor of Creative Media Production and Bachelor of Commercial Music papers. Video, photography, lighting, audio, virtual reality.


    VFX Studio

    Green Screen, Motion Capture, and Film Studio. 300m2 space includes Lighting Grid, Camera Dolly, Pocket Jib, Crane, and all 16-camera motion capture array.