Doctor of Philosophy

At the College of Creative Arts candidates for PhD are expected to produce a sustained piece of advanced research work in design, fine arts, visual and material culture or across disciplinary areas.

The doctoral thesis may either involve creative practice work with a substantial piece of academic writing (approx. 30,000 words), or a wholly written dissertation (80,000-100,000 words). The PhD requires a contribution to new knowledge throughout creative and written outputs.

The College of Creative Arts is currently only considering full-time applications and prefers candidates to have completed a MFA or its equivalent (MA).

For further information on requirements for PhD study visit the outline here.

How to apply for PhD study

You are welcome to send a short proposal in relation to your research project interests and the way you anticipate your research project developing, along with your CV and a summary of your qualifications. Depending on the kind of creative PhD you are interested in, also include a portfolio of current art or design work (practice) and/or a short survey of literature (written).

Please send your preliminary proposal to

Graduate Research School

Massey’s Graduate Research School is responsible for the administration of doctoral scholarships and degrees. You can find answers to common questions in its doctoral handbooks, scholarship and award information on its webpages.