Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Design with Honours

Become a designer and make the world a better place.

Key facts

How will you learn?

  • By getting hands-on in studios and workshops

  • Through working in groups, and by doing individual projects

  • By learning and applying design principles in real life (how do we get more young people to vote? how can we make the city more sustainable? how can we create low waste clothes?)

  • By creating systems and experiences as well as products

  • By working closely with your tutors, and eventually finding your own design voice

  • With help from friends, and coffee, and a few late nights.

You'll graduate prepared to work in a fast-paced and changing global market.

Honours / non-honours

All design degree students enrol in honours. Towards the end of third year, you decide whether you want to stick with the honours route, where your 4th year will be strongly research-led. The non-honours path is less research-focused and gives you room for more electives in 4th year.


Graduates leave with a portfolio that demonstrates their design work, technical skills, communication skills, teamwork, entrepreneurship, leadership, creative problem solving, and ability to work in a bicultural environment. They are well-equipped for professional design practice and a range of industry, business, and marketing-related activities. Some continue with postgraduate study and research in New Zealand or overseas, including the MFA in design and the Master of Design.

Want to apply? 

Click here to apply for the Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Design with Honours. Applications for the Bachelor of Design (with or without Honours) close on 1 October each year. However late applications will be considered subject to space and availability.

Enrolling in courses

Once you have been granted admission to the design programme at Massey, you'll need to enrol in courses. Follow the steps in this guide to enrol in your first year design courses.

More information

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