Bachelor of Commercial Music Auditions and Consultations

The Bachelor of Commercial Music is a three-year degree offering majors in music practice, technology, and industry. To learn more about these majors click here.

Below is a brief summary about the audition and consultation process for each major. Prior to your appointment you'll be provided with further information (by email) about your audition and consultation process.

Admission and Enrolment

If you are interested in the Bachelor of Commercial Music, if you haven’t already, please apply now. 
This does not commit you to a particular major at this point and there is plenty of time to change your mind. To complete an application click here

Book your audition or consultation

These auditions and consultations don't commit you to a particular major. They're an opportunity to discuss which major is right for you with an academic staff member.

Music Practice Auditions
You can audition in person or by Skype. You'll be required to perform one original composition on your instrument as well a short creative exercise (not theory based), and answer a few questions about your musical interests. Electronic (i.e. computer, controller or DJ-based) demonstrations are also accepted.

To book your Music Practice audition click here.

Music Technology consultations
You should attend a 30-minute pre-enrolment consultation - in person or by Skype. You'll also need to write a short statement (250-500 words).

To book your Music Technology consultation click here.

Music Industry consultations
You should attend a 20-minute pre-enrolment consultation - in person or by Skype. You'll also need to write a short statement (250-500 words).

To book your Music Industry consultation click here.


If you're having trouble with bookings or would like to speak with a lecturer, please email us at