Bachelor of Commercial Music

The Bachelor of Commercial Music is a three-year degree offering majors in music practice, music technology and music industry, with a range of shared core courses.

The programme has been designed by award-winning performers and industry experts to equip you for a career in the music industries.

The degree responds to a radical shift in the commercial music industry in which primary sources of revenue and distribution models have changed. In the current digital music ecology, successful practioners are multi-discursive, media-savvy impresarios who are skilled in using and developing new production tools and distribution networks and are in control of live performance and merchandising. Students of Commercial Music at Massey become familiar with composition and production techniques for contemporary music making, and are also able to demonstrate an understanding of digital rights, music branding and music marketing that differs from traditional business models.

Major in: music practice

You’ll study musicianship and cross-genre performance using your instrument or musical interface of choice, along with computer-based production and composition techniques.

Major in: music technology

Music Technology (software and hardware)

You’ll study software and hardware development, electronics, and concepts for developing new musical interfaces. 

Music technology (sound engineering)

You’ll learn how to operate industry standard large consoles, as well as the latest digital recording and editing technologies.

Students master microphone techniques, sound design, how to work with musicians to capture great recordings and mixing and mastering techniques, to produce professional quality recordings.

You'll learn live light and sound skills including how to operate small and large scale PA’s and design and programme advanced lighting and projection rigs teach students all aspects of live, venue-based industry requirements.

Major in: music industry

You’ll study artist development and management, label and distribution, music publishing, one-off and large-scale live events, and future industry trends.

Core courses

Join with students from other majors to study courses in music video production, web development, gigs, touring, recording and music media. The critical content of the programme spans new musicology, free culture, the political economy of music, and music philosophy. All courses in all majors of the programme foreground music as the primary discipline, whether explored through a creative, critical, technical or commercial context. 

Want to apply?

In addition to meeting university entrance requirements, pre-enrolment auditions are required for music practice students. Students wishing to apply and enrol in music technology and music industry need a pre-enrolment consultation to get an understanding of the degree and gain enrolment guidance. Auditions and consultation are held throughout the year.

For more information about an audition or a pre-enrolment consultation click here.

Enrolling in courses

Once you have been granted admission to the commercial music programme at Massey, you'll need to enrol in courses. Follow the steps in this guide to enrol in your first year commercial music courses.

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