Bask in the glow of LUX Light Festival 12 – 21 May, 2017 6pm – 11pm

The capital will be shining bright after dark with an explosion of light, colour and sound during LUX Light Festival in May.

The spectacular and captivating celebration of light, art, technology and design will transform Wellington’s waterfront, laneways and public spaces into five themed precincts that offer unique and immersive experiences to festival goers.

Unique on the world stage will be the new Te Aō Marama precinct featuring a programme of New Zealand’s leading contemporary Māori light artists and performers.  

The Playground and Circus precincts will delight the child in everyone, while a feast of street art and fine art will highlight the Urban Edge and The Galleries precincts.  

As the gateway to winter, LUX invites audiences to bundle up and bask in the glow of Wellington.

  • History

    WGTN LUX is a series of conferences and exhibitions that probe the boundaries of light, space and interaction. These events explore recent developments in the use of light/lighting technologies in art, design and architecture through both discourse and the act of making. Many esteemed practitioners have contributed to LUX – Anti VJ, HC Gilje, Kit Webster, Ruairi Glynn, and Kimchi and Chips.

    The first Oslo LUX took place in January 2011 and consisted of 10 speakers working with light, space and technology. Approximately half of the speakers also presented work in an associated exhibition that took place at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The format was then replicated in Wellington, New Zealand as WGTN LUX in July 2011.

    Both events were hugely successful and so more events followed in Oslo in 2013 and Wellington in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

    WGTN LUX was born out of the Watt research cluster at the College of Creative Arts, and now has the support of a number of partners including Wellington City Council, Wellington Waterfront, The Wellington Company, Goethe Institut, British Council and the City Gallery to name a few. WGTN LUX is now a citywide light festival with a two-day symposium at its core.

  • Lux and Massey University

    Massey University is not only the birthplace of LUX but is truly the backbone of its success.  Having started as a symposium and indoor exhibition at the College of Creative Arts in 2011, LUX was given a foundation grounded in excellence and cutting edge design and technology. Since then, Massey and LUX have travelled this journey together.  LUX is valued as a teaching experience for students who participate as artists, interns and volunteers, and a research opportunity for academic staff. With LUX’s growing reputation as a world class light festival, it has become a platform and jumping off point for Massey students and staff to present their work internationally.

    Massey Academic staff

    School of Design:

    Tanya Marriott

    Natalie McLeod

    Sue Prescott


    School of Art:

    Hemi McGregor and Mara TK

    Bob Jahnke

    Emma Febvre-Richards


    Massey PhD student:

    Claire Hughes


    Massey Master of Fine Arts:

    Cameron May

    Mark Anthony Smith


    Massey Undergraduate Design Students:

    Joshua and Sam Lewis