Sightseeing: an exhibition and a publication of postcards that explore the representation of place in contemporary German and New Zealand photography.

Edited by Hanna Scott and Ann Shelton.

Sightseeing brings together 90 photographs with works by 15 highly-regarded contemporary artists from Germany and New Zealand.

The artists included are

  • Elger Esser
  • Haruhiko Sameshima
  • Sarah Schonfield and Shmuel Hoffman
  • Jeremy Diggle
  • Anne Noble
  • Ann Shelton
  • Wayne Barrar
  • Grit Schwerdtfeger
  • Eva Leitolf
  • Doris Frohnapfel
  • John Di Stefano
  • Frank Breuer
  • Karin Apollonia-Muller
  • Fiona Amundsen
  • and Mark Adams.

The publication is made up of a box set of 90 concertina folding postcards and an essay booklet. Project curator Hanna Scott describes the way in which, “the postcards literally become the exhibition, unsettling the way that we traditionally use postcards to venerate the landscape, because these sites are not typical tourist sites.”

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