Work with us

The College of Creative Arts has a number of exciting opportunities for companies, whether social, cultural or professional, to employ the services of staff and students alike. These range from undergraduate curriculum projects through to high-level staff consultancy:

Undergraduate briefs

Use the creative expertise of our students to expand the capacity for developing your business. Over a 12-week period a team of design students will work on your design problem and deliver you a solution.

Postgraduate research and development

Utilising the Ministry of Business Innovation and Enterprise’s Capability Education grants the College can collaborate with you on a 12-month long intensive and iterative product or service development through a design led research process. Previous and current examples of companies the College has worked with include CRONZ, Gallaghers, Wither Hills, Fibretech and The Formary.

Staff consultancy

The College has a broad range of art, design, music and creative media production researchers whose expertise and knowledge could bring significant value to your business, product or service. 

Open Lab

Open Lab is a collaborative environment where emerging designers work alongside real clients to realise outstanding design solutions. For more information on Open Lab click here.