Spring is a creative enterprise programme that encourages and enables graduates from any of the College of Creative Arts programmes to develop their ideas into viable economic, social, and/or cultural ventures.  

For up to one year following the completion of their degree, our graduates have the opportunity to be supported by Spring to develop their projects into propositions ready for launch into the market or moving into further incubation or acceleration.

Spring provides a secure environment for participants to experiment and challenge themselves whilst making invaluable contacts in the creative industries.  

Spring supports graduates to:

  • explore and evaluate ideas in a creative and professional context
  • generate an awareness of entrepreneurship and the creative industries
  • build a collaborative support team to help realise ideas through innovation
  • develop professional identity and brand
  • establish industry connections, networks and partnerships
  • research and develop potential funding and/or investment opportunities. 

Each Spring participant will have a unique experience and play a valuable part in shaping this flexible and adaptable programme.



Andre Ktori A.Ktori@massey.ac.nz