Go Costume winners

Hali the Deep Ocean Guardian

Hali the Deep Ocean Guardian by Harriet Buchan

Hali the Deep Ocean Guardian by Harriet Buchan

Whanganui High School

Hali is the guardian of the deep ocean, her name deriving from the  Greek origin meaning "the sea". Designing her outfit, originally I was looking for a middle eastern vibe, though her main inspiration ended up being angler fish and sirens so I shifted off into being inspired by Greek Attire—Along with that day at the beach vibe—.  In my mind, I was thinking of logical materials that one can have living in the ocean, so in the end I thought it would be creative to make her clothes the materials that comb jellyfish are made of; or bubbles depending on your interpretation. I tried to achieve this by making the clothes appear iridescent. I also think they would work like Jellyfish in the way it can change pigment and glow her way in the dark (like the light bulb on her head!), especially with the streaks which hangs off her wrist.


Pele by Izzy Johns

Pele by Izzy Johns

Nelson College for Girls
Pele is the goddess of fire. She is a wahine toa who is passionate and protective of all the earth's creatures. She can summon the hot fires from inside the Earth so that when they cool, new lands are created for plants and animals to thrive on. She also made the sun that keeps burning to warm the Earth each day.  She controls the lightening from the sky with her staff to create fires to cleanse the Earth and make the lands fertile again. I have designed and created her a costume and dressed Pele. It has been designed from a pacific themed fabric I got from Samoa. The hot volcanic rock and coals make up the armor that protects her head, torso and feet as she moves above and below the Earth. She roams these places taking care to keep the world in balance.


Fujiha by Alyssia Prickett

Fujiha by Alyssia Prickett

Paraparaumu College

Fujiha is a wise but slightly clumsy sage who has recently joined the Earth Guardians. She is a kappa, a creature present in many Japanese tales.

The costume is inspired from traditional Japanese and Chinese middle-class wear, but the costume Fujiha wears is less extravagant. The opal on her head is where her earth-healing abilities come from, as well as some form of foreshadowing. The wisteria represents long life (and her hair). The large leaf will protect the opal when it's not in use.


Dentra by Nicole Abbott

Dentra by Nicole Abbott

Balmoral School

Dentra is a character that draws inspiration from the Greek dryad and the costume draws inspiration from Greece too.

The costume was inspired by Ancient Greek style clothing and Athena’s armour in Greek mythology, the vines on Dentras feet represent sandals and the anemone flower as well as keeping to the dryad theme. Dentra’s belt is what people call an apron belt and it was worn by gods and royalty alike.

Dentra was greatly respected and appreciated in Athens where she lived and helped the people with growing crops and ensuring the people had meat and lumber in exchange for clothing and respect, so Dentra was known as the dryad of good harvest.


Zanoth by Anamaya Taylor

Zanoth by Anamaya Taylor

Tauranga Girls
My character is called Zanoth. Zanoth is the guardian of NZ’s creeks and rocky rapid filled areas. He protects the area granting permission for only pure souls to cross, harnessing the power of greenstone scattered across his rocky body type he can connect with the earth and waters. Zanoth is covered in a thick layer of moss as he lives near a river bed. The greenstone also gives him the ability  to speak with the deceased Maori chiefs which tell him how to look after the land. He is a gentle but brave guarding, willing to give his life to protect his sanctuary. He is covered fierce Maori engravings each telling almost like a story across his body. He is one of the last of his kind which is what makes him such an important asset to keeping the native land.

The Comet of Elemental Arms

The Comet of Elemental Arms by Hunter Black

The Comet of Elemental Arms by Hunter Black

Te ati awa ki whakarongotai, Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Toa, Te whānau-ā-Apanui, Whakatōhea

Paraparaumu College
The name, ‘The Comet of Elemental Arms’, comes from a deep meaning. Rock can resemble strength, and fire can resemble power, creating the word ‘comet’. ‘Elemental’ represents the fact that she uses the elements to protect Earth. ‘Arms’ is an example of how she uses her arms to cover, shelter and protect Earth. Holding us in her arms, we are safe.

The Comet of Elemental Arms.

Her top is made from flax, and she wears a flower crown, representing, Earth.

Her over skirt is made from water, allowing it to flow like a water fall, it represents water and kindness.

Her under skirt is made from feathers, representing air and peace.

Her hair is fire, to represent power, strength and bravery.


Te Ara Toroa — Rere Ki Uta, Rere Ki Tai
The flight of the albatross — Venturing into the unknown
Design by Ngataiharuru Taepa, Kaihautu Toi Māori—Director of Māori Arts

Toi Rauwhārangi
College of Creative Arts
Wellington, Aotearoa