Te Rewa O Puanga - the School of Music and Creative Media Production

Te Rewa O Puanga - the School of Music and Creative Media Production has recently been established to respond to New Zealand’s growth and internationally recognised reputation for innovation and creativity in both music and media production.

The school offers two new three year practice-based degrees in commercial music and creative media production.

The Bachelor of Commercial Music offers three majors in music practice, music technology and music industry and is designed for those who wish to study popular music based genres, digital based music technologies and music industry practice.

The Bachelor of Creative Media Production offers an opportunity to acquire a knowledge and understanding of the digital production processes used in animatronics, computer animation and motion capture, digital video, game development, audio and sound design, web and mobile development and VFX and motion graphics. The programme is designed to equip students in the practical, critical and commercial aspects of media production essential for graduates entering into an employed or self employed career.

The degrees are taught by experienced academics, technical staff and visiting artists, producers and entrepreneurs. The programmes focus on connecting students with emerging technologies and creative practice relevant to social, economic and cultural enterprise.

Facilities in the school include:

  • music studios equipped with a 5.1 Icon mixing console
  • 200 capacity theatrette
  • multipurpose black box studio for screening and media production
  • digital video studio with green room
  • motion and performance capture studio with green screen
  • digital audio lab
  • music rehearsal studios
  • computer animation and games lab
  • web and mobile media lab
  • fabrication workshops
  • digital prototyping lab with 3D printing and electronics workshop.

The school offers new opportunities for the study and practice of music and media in the university sector providing access to a wide range of creative applicants. Its programmes offer innovative teaching and learning in contemporary entertainment practices, preparing students to realise their full potential in today’s international media marketplace.

Associate Professor Andre Ktori, Head, Te Rewa O Puanga - the School of Music and Creative Media Production