Ian Jorgensen

Ian Jorgensen

Lecturer and paper coordinator, Te Rewa O Puanga - the School of Music and Creative Media Production

Ian Jorgensen (Blink) is behind the ongoing project, A Low Hum. Under the A Low Hum banner, he has promoted over 500 events throughout New Zealand including the world-renowned, boutique music festival, Camp A Low Hum. He has authored three well-regarded books tackling various aspects of the music industry and has recently returned home from tour managing his fourth international tour.

  • Expertise

    Event management, promotion, touring, event production, music industry.

  • Research Highlights

    A Low Hum Tours and Events (2002-2015)
    Tours of over 100 bands throughout NZ and over 500 events

    Camp A Low Hum (2007-2014)
    Planning, production and promotion of world-renowned, boutique music festival.

    Over the Atlantic, Disasteradio and Shocking Pinks international tours (2008-2015)
    Booking and tour management of New Zealand bands through over 25 different countries. 

    Local Knowledge (2006), D.I.Y Touring the World (2011), and The Problem with Music in NZ (2014)
    Three critical books written for the New Zealand music industry.

    Puppies Bar (2012-2014)
    Owner and manager of live music venue in Wellington.