Ed Hawkins

Ed Hawkins

Lecturer, video and film post-production

Ed Hawkins has been working in visual effects over 20 years as a 2d artist and DFX supervisor. His work ranges from the ridiculous (Ali G In Da House) to the sublime (The Jungle Book) … With lots of car chases, explosions, space-ships and wizards in between. Working for some of the largest and most respected VFX houses, Ed has found himself on sets at Pinewood Studios in UK, Cinecittà Studios in Italy and on locations such as a cave outside Rome, a wet beach near Dublin and a ruined monastery on a hill in Macedonia. He has a Masters degree in Computing in Art and Design from the Centre for Advanced Studies in Computer Aided Art and Design, Middlesex University in London.

  • Expertise

    Visual effects for film. Visual/digital effects supervision. Compositing.

  • Qualifications

    1992-93 MA/Computing in Art & Design, CASCAAD, Middlesex University

    1986-89 BA(hons) 2/1 Interior Design, Edinburgh College of Art - commercial interior design, theatre design.