Sue Prescott

Sue Prescott

Major coordinator - fashion; lecturer, Ngā Pae Māhutonga - The School of Design

Sue Prescott is a designer who works across the fields of fashion, costume and performance art. Research into synaesthesia often informs Prescott’s creative design practice and teaching. Her work occupies a position between the cultural, historical and social latitudes of fashion and costume, exploring and discussing the relationship of the body with environment.

  • Expertise

    Fashion design, costume design, performance art, experimental design, synaesthesia in design, sustainable design, design presentation.

  • Research Highlights

    Masi (2013)
    Costume designer for Masi, a piece of visual theatre performed at the International Festival of the Arts in New Zealand in 2012, and Sydney Festival in January 2013.  Alongside director Nina Nawalowalo and British illusionist Paul Kieve, costumes  were designed to unfold a rich journey of discovery exploring loss, memory and identity, through the use of texture, line and illusion.

    Everyday Eros (2011) Menswear outfit for the World of Wearable Art Awards; Man Unleashed Section: Re-Invent The Groom. 
    Everyday Eros is designed to explore anonymity and challenge the ceremonial and orthodox formal groom suit. Everyday Eros has an eco conscience and is created from twenty pairs of up-cycled denim jeans, insisting on raw style and an authentic indication of everyday.  

    A Sense of Fashion (2009) Solo invitational fashion exhibition from the University of Otago, Wellington School of Medicine and Health Science, Department of Psychological Medicine.  
    The body of work produced addresses fashion design in relation to synesthesia, in particular colour-grapheme and chromesthesia, through the use of form, materiality, visual rhythm and sound. 

    Victims of Renovation (2009) Created for Surplus & Creativity: Design and the Readymade Exhibition
    A piece of clothing designed to re-contextualise unwanted objects to produce a new knowledge. Interrogating the cyclical nature of trends being fickle and ruinous, and how desirability turns to ridicule, these now surplus faded Formica walls and majestic upholstery, tattered and seamed with history, still hold immense embedded value.  

  • Qualifications

    BA(Hons) (Manchester Metropolitan University)
    MDes (Massey University)

  • Professional Affiliations

    UK Synesthesia Association