Catherine Bagnall

Catherine Bagnall

Senior lecturer, Ngā Pae Māhutonga - The School of Design

Catherine's work focuses on performance practices and its intersection with dress. Using the distinctively cultural form of clothing to explore the human /non-human divide Catherine’s work puts into practice ‘becoming other” as a transformational strategy to shift our relationship to our environment and our fellow non- human creatures.

Her work explores the role of the imagination in inventing new possible worlds in this period of complexity and uncertainty the world is currently in. Testing the bounds of self through performative acts of "dressing up", the work offers new modes of experience more sensory and baroque than we usually give value to.

  • Expertise

     Performance work; fashion studies; gender theory; environmental ecologies.

  • Research Highlights


    Bagnall, C. (2016). An experience of becoming: Wearing a tail and alpine walking. In M. Reason, & A. Mølle Lindelof, (Eds.) Experiencing Liveness in Contemporary Performance: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. (pp. 124 - 129). London, United Kingdom: Routledge

    Bagnall, C. (2014). Archives and the performance of becoming "other". In G. Borggreen, & R. Gade (Eds.)Performing Archives/Archives of Performance. (pp. 349 - 359). Copenhagen, Denmark: Museum Tusculanum Press


    Moore, MTG., & Bagnall, C. (2017) The Crazy Moth (artwork) + Being Idle Revolution (academic paper).[Exhibition] Dunedin School of Art Public Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand


    Tilley, E., & Bagnall, C. (2017). Still Waving and "Becoming Penguin" Performance Walk. (short plays and durational performance walk) Climate Change Theatre Action Aotearoa: Climate Change Theatre Action Aotearoa 2017, Wellington Theatre Laboratory, New Zealand 

    Bagnall, C. (2017). Becoming animal: walking, play, being idle, dressing, pest control and story telling.. (fabric tails and safety pins) Becoming animal: walking, play, being idle, dressing, pest control and story telling.: Performing, Writing: A symposium in four turns, SPCA, Wellington, New Zealand


    Urbahn, T., Bagnall, C., & Reddaway, R. (2016). Monkey, pee and the mask. [18 x watercolor paintings (dim. approx. 76 x 56cm), 7x digital inkjet prints (dim. each 84 x 119cm), 9x digital inkjet prints (installed dim. approx. 420 x 290cm), cardboard castle, found objects and publication]. Sawtooth Artist Run Initiative, Launceston, Australia, 03 - 17 December 2016.  

    Journal articles

    Bagnall, C. (2016). Explorations into creaturely sensations and trap-lines. The Senses and Society. 11(2), 199-205 Retrieved from 

    Patrick, M., & Bagnall, C. (2016). name of work on cover. : LAR Magazine.021 Peaceful Context




  • Qualifications

    BFA (Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University)
    MFA (Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University)

  • Supervision

    Vanessa Gerrie
    Fashion as Installation in an Age of the Runway Spectacle


    Primary supervisor: Prof. Vicki Karaminas
    Co-supervisor: Prof. Sally Morgan
    Advisor: Catherine Bagnall