Bryce Galloway

Bryce Galloway

Senior Lecturer, BFA Kaiārahi/Mentor, Whiti o Rehua School of Art

Bryce Galloway is an artist best known for his long running fanzine Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People and as a core member of the group, Wendyhouse. His narrative works often mine the autobiographical everyday; the willing presentation of embarrassing moments challenging our culture of appearances. Galloway’s research champions DIY self-publishing and lowbrow materiality (fanzines, music, video, etc.). He teaches into a variety of Fine Arts courses, including the Art Studio cores, Art Lab module, and his own zine-making elective.

  • Expertise

    Figurative drawing, fanzines, satirical musical performance, self-publishing, punk, and self-effacing comedy.  

  • Research Highlights

    four songs, played twice (2016/2017)
    With his 50th birthday “midlife crisis” project Galloway attempted to create a new band every month for 12 months, falling short at just 9 bands, just one of many “failures” Galloway’s practice embraces. Each band wrote original material and performed live. A variety of Wellington venues and one private residence provided a stage: Caroline Bar & Grill, Bar Bodega, The Pyramid Club, Valhalla, and City Gallery Wellington. The 9 bands in consecutive order were: The New Zealand Government; Death Math, The Lies, Monsanto Bay, Elvis Mavis Jarvis Davis, Lucky You, The Photogenics, Crying In Cars, and Wuss Volk. A total of 22 collaborators were involved!

    Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People: Diary Comics (2017)
    Bryce Galloway’s 150-page graphic novel pulls together diary comics from 2006-2015. Published by Pikitia Press, Melbourne, with editing and introductory essay by Tessa Laird. “Graphic in every sense: in its form, content, and methodology… filled with energetic, nervy line drawings, sparse, loose and expressive.” - Tessa Laird

    Incredibly Hot Sex With Hideous People (2002 – ongoing)
    Bryce Galloway produces New Zealand’s longest running fanzine (self-published analogue magazine). Employing text, drawing and comics, this quarterly publication mines the autobiographical everyday for awkward moments that disrupt mediated identity anxieties.

    Hamilton Zinefest (annually since 2014)
    Bryce Galloway instigated the inaugural Hamilton Zinefest 2014 with assistance from Wintec Lecturer/Ramp gallery curator Kim Paton. The pair ran a series of public lectures and workshops, building local interest towards Hamilton Zinefest 2014. Galloway and Paton also co-curated the Australasian zine survey small press at Ramp gallery, a tandem event to Hamilton Zinefest 2014. Galloway acts as mentor to Hamilton Zinefest’s annual committee. The event is annual and ongoing.

    Untitled (Hair Transposal Video) (2011)
    Bryce Galloway’s Untitled (Hair Transposal Video) sees him humorously broach the cultural myths around beauty and aging, showing Galloway address his male pattern baldness with mock earnestness. The video has had popular pick-up, being exhibited at Square2-Wellington City Art Gallery, Fishbowl-Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Christchurch City Art Gallery’s Worcester Boulevard window, Wellington City Gallery's Moving On Asia exhibition, Ikono TV-Berlin, and

    Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People: Zines Aus Neuseeland (2012)
    An exhibition of recent fanzines from New Zealand shown at the Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt as part of While You Were Sleeping (New Zealand Country-of-Honour, Frankfurt Book Fair 2012). Zines Aus Neuseeland was co-curated by Bryce Galloway and Heather Galbraith upon invitation from Weltkulturen director Clémentine Deliss. Bryce Galloway’s long-running fanzine Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People was the feature publication with the artist creating new work as Weltkulturen artist-in-residence.  

    The Book Of The Zine: Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People (2011)
    An anthology of Bryce Galloway’s long-running fanzine of the same name. The book takes selected pages from the fanzine’s first 37 issues, with an introduction from Bryce Galloway, co-editing from Gwynneth Porter, and co-design from Warren Olds for Clouds Publishing: New Zealand.

    Typical Girls (2011) curated for the New Zealand Film Archive’s Mediaplex Wellington
    In Typical Girls Bryce Galloway articulated a local scene of comedic feminist artists who perform to video. With Claire Harris, Sarah-Jane Parton, Bek Coogan, Natalie Ellen-Eliza, Gemma Symme, Emily Joliffe and Erica Sklenars.  

  • Qualifications

    BFA (Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University)
    MFA (Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University)

  • Professional Affiliations

    Wellington Zinefest
    Sticky Institute
    Auckland Zinefest
    Hamilton Zinefest
    Christchurch Zinefest
    Dunedin Zinefest
    School of Media Arts - Wintec
    Circuit - Artist Film & Video

  • Supervision

    Elisabeth Pointon
    Welcome to the real world


    Co-supervisor: Catherine Bagnall
    Co-supervisor: Bryce Galloway


    Scott Morrison
    Distaste and Nonsense: Some critical reflections on the interface between Comedy and Contemporary Art


    Co-supervisor: Tim Brennan
    Co-supervisor: Bryce Galloway


    Joanne Francey
    The Church Of Worship


    Co-supervisor: Sally Morgan
    Co-supervisor: Bryce Galloway


    Adi Brown
    Uncanny Urges: The Familiar Made Strange


    Co-supervisor: Anne Noble
    Co-supervisor: Bryce Galloway


    Rebecca Holden
    Distant Painterly Perspectives: War, Atrocities, and the suffering of others


    Co-supervisor: Emma Febvre-Richards
    Co-supervisor: Bryce Galloway


    David Cauchi
    A Strange Book of Incomprehensible Nonsense: Or How I Became an Inter-Temporal Avant Garde Artist and Went Completely Batshit Insane


    Primary supervisor: Bryce Galloway


    Murray Hewitt
    Interesting Life: How to make political video art in New Zealand


    Co-supervisor: Simon Morris
    Co-supervisor: Bryce Galloway


    Daniel Untitled
    Untitled, 2011: Hybridising Performance in Mashup Practice


    Primary supervisor: David Cross
    Co-supervisor: Bryce Galloway
    Co-supervisor: Eugene Hansen