Facilities and resources

Good design is integral to good business; it defines our culture and fosters economic growth.

As well as offering some of the best creative facilities to its students, the College has an enterprise portfolio that aims to make connections between fresh, research-led ideas and industry-based results. Examples of this include the Open Lab design studio and Fab Lab Wgtn.

Massey’s new teaching facility Te Ara Hihiko offers lighting, sound mixing and presentation facilities for external creative enterprises to utilise when the curriculum allows. There are also extensive workshop and technical facilities throughout the other facilities at the College, from digital embroidery machines to laser water cutters and printing presses.

  • Open Lab

    Open Lab is a collaborative environment where emerging designers work alongside real clients to realise outstanding design solutions.

    The lab is staffed by experienced designers, recent graduates and scholarship interns, who have direct access to mentoring and consulting academics from across the University. It’s a great place to foster industry experience for young design thinkers in a variety of fields from graphic and typographic design to interactivity and fashion design.

    For more information about Open Lab click here.

    Located: Level C, Te Ara Hihiko
    Contact: openlab@massey.ac.nz

  • Fab Lab Wgtn

    Fab Lab Wgtn is Australasia’s first digital fabrication laboratory affiliated with the global network of Fab Labs initiated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Fab Labs are a community resource that enables invention by providing access to tools for digital fabrication, and the creative space for people to share and grow ideas. It’s a great facility for producing design prototypes for student projects, as well as commercial ideas. Core capabilities include state of the art laser cutting machines, 3D printers and mould makers.

    Designs and processes developed in Fab Labs can be protected and sold under the direction of the inventor, but remain available for individuals to use and learn from, in line with a commitment to the principles of Open Source.

    For more information about Fab Lab Wgtn click here.

    Located: James Coe Industrial Design Building (Block 11)
    Contact: fablabwgtn@massey.ac.nz

  • Mixing suite and lighting studio

    The surround sound mixing suite offers a cutting-edge creative sound environment for the professional recording, mixing and postproduction of film and screen-based projects. The acoustically treated studio combined with the full broadcast quality of the console is highly rated by Protel International Technologies, who worked with the College to ensure these facilities meet industry standards. This ensures the needs of art and design students and their future employers are addressed.

    The lighting studio offers a highly specified, ready to work lighting rig suitable for a broad range of photographic projects, as well as a production facility for infinity white or green screen filming. The two-storey, 117 square metre studio is semi-soundproofed and has additional resources including a workshop and dressing room, providing an ideal environment for independent short film and video production.

    Te Ara Hihiko also houses a fully equipped multi-purpose presentation space with retractable seating for 126 people, and over 400 square metres of gallery spaces.

    Located: Te Ara Hihiko