Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Design with Honours

Whether majoring in fashion, photography, visual communication, textiles, spatial or industrial design, as a College of Creative Arts design student, you’ll be creating products, systems and experiences that offer new potentials for living.

Through hands-on studio projects, you’ll learn to generate and develop ideas, work inventively with a wide range of materials and media, and communicate fluently, both visually and verbally, in the production of innovative work.

You’ll be working within your major to develop specialist skills and understanding, as well as experiencing how other design majors approach projects, through moments of contact and collaboration.

You’ll graduate prepared to work in a fast-paced and changing global market.

Year one is about introduction and exploration. (Watch videos about the core papers available.)
Years two and three allow for development and consolidation of your specialisation.
In year four you push the boundaries of design with a significant independent project.

If you choose the Honours route, your final project will be strongly research-led, while the non-honours path is less research-focused. Along the way there are plenty of chances to explore through electives, and exciting opportunities for internships and international exchanges.

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View the College of Creative Arts undergraduate degree booklet and guide below.

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