30 OCT

M Exhibition

30 Oct 2014 10:00 AM - 01 Nov 2014 6:00 PM
Various venues across Wellington.

Final work by the first cohort of students to complete Massey's new intensive two-year MFA in art and design.

This collection of shows represents the culmination of intensive exploration and development of their creative practice. Spanning venues across the city, M reflects the transdisciplinary diversity and challenge of the Massey MFA.

  • Location and dates of M Exhibition

    Venue Dates Times Artists
    Te Ara Hihiko,
    College of Creative Arts
    30 Oct – 1 Nov

    Thurs 10am-7pm, Fri-Sat 10am-6pm.

    Angela Kilford: Sat at 11am & 1pm.

    Mica Hubertus Mick (The Pit), Brittany Byrne (Level C), Por Boontoum (Level C), Angela Kilford (meet on Level C)
    Block 1, College of Creative Arts 30 Oct – 1 Nov  

    Thurs 10am-7pm, Fri-Sat 10am-6pm

    Charles MacPherson (The Engine Room), Feels Empty (1C03), Graham Frost (1C03), Kalya Ward (1C08)
    Block 2, College of Creative Arts 30 Oct – 1 Nov Thurs 10am-7pm, Fri-Sat 10am-6pm Katie Collier (2E06)
    Enjoy, 147 Cuba Street 30 Oct – 15 Nov Weds-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 11am-4pm Deanna Dowling 
    In Good Company, 166A Cuba Street 27 - 31 Oct Mon-Fri 11am-5pm Alex Barton 
    Reserve Bank Museum, No 2 The Terrace 27 - 31 Oct Mon-Fri 9.30am-4pm Monica Buchan-Ng
    Dowse Art Museum, 45 Laings Rd, Lower Hutt 28 - 29 Oct Daily 10am-5pm Johanna Mechen
  • Project information

    Name Venue Info    
    Alex Barton

    166A Cuba Street (upstairs)

    Blue Dance of Two

    The blue dress is always dancing just by 'being'. I want to dance with the blue dress; to do a pas de deux (dance of two). 


    Alex Barton   

    Poa Boontoum

    Massey University: Te Ara Hihiko, Level C  

    I Am My Own Waka: The reality of Isarn-identity in a cross-cultural space

    As a Thai-Isarn immigrant I had been culturally and spiritually disconnected from my motherland. Photography is a medium I use in my journey to connect, relocate and find my position in this new land, to establish my second home.


    Monica Buchan-Ng

    The Reserve Bank Museum, No.2 The Terrace  

    The Department of Economic Adjustment

    The Department of Economic Adjustment is delighted to introduce our new systems update, the modal economy - the link between capitalism and the future. Our current system has embedded itself into a concept of human nature that is competitive, self-interested, and avaricious. We're here to fix that. Please join us in amending our economic structures. Together, we are the architects of our new republic. www.modaleconomy.org


    Brittany Byrne


    Massey University: Te Ara Hihiko, Level C


    Curious Things

    Designing and exploring sensory audio-tactile tools for group music therapy sessions involving patients with dementia.


    Katie Collier


    Massey University: 2E06


    In Lizard Years I Was 52

    On the first of September I removed the costume I had worn every day for three months, and hung it on my bedroom door. 

    Displayed in an altered interior, the surface speaks of having been and the potential of dress to evade representations of self.


    Deanna Dowling

    Enjoy, 147 Cuba Street 


    Time to save a little more 

    Ian revealed his intentions for this plot of land. Not giving too much away, he did tell me something but said it was a secret. No sign of construction for now, no promises just yet. 2016 is a few years away so there is time to save a little more.

    Feels Empty Massey University: 1C03  

    Untitled (A failure to achieve artistic maturity on the internet - "hysteric performance" and departures from mastery)

    There are no guards there and it’s pretty empty so I felt safe. I woke up and had this INCREDIBLE feeling which I feel like I should be serious about. Lasted only a while though. When I was fully awake I was just a stupid guy lying on a cement floor with an ego.
     Feels Empty  

    Graham Frost


    Massey University: Block 1, 1C03


    Proposal for an Expedition

    Blurring the boundaries between the literal and the figurative, Proposal for an Expedition is equal parts historic fable and contemporary narrative that re-imagines a wildlife sanctuary on a remote island in the Marlborough Sounds - not as a static ‘reserve’ but as a wild, dynamic and multi-layered space.


    Angela Kilford


    Departing from Te Ara Hihiko, Massey University, on Sat 1st Nov at 11am and 1pm


    Walk With Me

    A walking tour exploring the more discreet aspects of New Zealand’s national site for remembrance, Puke Ahu. This is a memory work that is bound to the site by the ritual act of walking and investigates the plural memories of the landscape. 


    Charles MacPherson


    Massey University: The Engine Room


    Colour and Diagrams of Automata

    Hand drawn schematics bring the practice of the engineering drawing office and the nostalgia of abstract industrial production into the gallery space. Paintings implement the instructions of the drawings - production can begin - immaterial labour is at work.

    Johanna Mechen  Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt: 28 & 29 Oct, 10am–5pm & Massey University: 1C03, 28, 29 & 30 Oct  

    STEPPING INTO SOCIAL WATERS: A Video Essay on the Waiwhetu Stream 

    Mechen wades into the stream and begins collecting rubbish and artifacts. As she works she also collects the stories from passersby- "I remember the day it turned blue" or "It burnt for a day once". She spends a day helping on the Cape Pondweed dig carried out by the Friends of the Waiwhetu Stream; excavates further the ecological history and is confronted by the extensive loss of the stream’s Mauri, its life force.

    Mica Hubertus Mick


    Massey University: The Pit, Te Ara Hihiko



    The audiovisual installation Forces is a poetic interpretation of the multiple dynamic energies impacting on the flow and upheavals of the current technological transformation: cybernetic waves emerging from the currents of time.


    Kalya Ward


    Massey University: Room 1C08


    The word ‘Avon’ translates to ‘River’ in both Bryonthic (Old Welsh) and Gaelic languages, simply translating Avon River to ‘River River’. AVON AVON is a story revealed through moments, anecdotes and re-tellings that rely on momentary specificities, ebbing and flowing beyond the realms of fact.